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Portuguese Knitting - Rosa Pomar

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Portuguese Knitting:  The history and practice of knitting in Portugal, with 20 beautiful, traditionally-inspired patterns.

If you know Farm to Cable Yarns well you know we are huge fans of Rosa Pomar, her yarns and the work she is doing to revive many Portuguese sheep breeds.  So of course we are delighted to be stocking Rosa's book - Portuguese Knitting.

The book is more than just a history book or a handicraft manual, Portuguese Knitting is a trip to the Portuguese heritage of woolcraft.  It discovers knitting memories of the past, traditional patterns and techniques that are brought up to date in the form of beautiful modern pieces such as socks, hats, shawls, cowls, pot holders and leggings. Containing previously unpublished images of great historical importance, this is a fundamental work in the history of Portuguese woolcraft.

Portuguese knitting differs from regular knitting in the way the wool is held; it can either be passed through a special Portuguese knitting pin attached to the knitter's clothes, or looped around the neck and then over a finger. Easy-to-follow instructions and clear illustrations allow beginners or more experienced knitters to recreate historical pieces in an original, contemporary way. You can make the projects as they are shown, or use other colours to create your own unique and original gifts.

Search Press, 2020. 160 pages.