Allstitch studio - Natural Cork Stitch-Stoppers
Allstitch studio - Natural Cork Stitch-Stoppers
Allstitch Studio

Allstitch studio - Natural Cork Stitch-Stoppers

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NEW!  We now have the cork needle stoppers in the small size range -  US #0 - #10.5 (2mm - 6.5mm).

Natural Cork Stitch-Stoppers from Allstitch Studio

The perfect knitting accessory to keep your stitches from slipping off your needle.

These stitch stoppers from allstitch studio are made from 100% natural cork, sustainably sourced from northern Portugal. They add a beautiful aesthetic to the ends of your knitting needles while protecting your work in progress.

The kit includes 10 stitch stoppers (five pairs) in two ranges:

Small:  sized to fit US #0-#10.5 needles (2 mm-6.5mm)
Large: sizes to fit US #3 - #17 needles (3.25mm - 12mm). 

The key to the flexible fit is in the oval-shaped hole, designed to lock onto your needles for a secure hold while also adjusting to multiple needle sizes. 

To Use: Simply twist the cork onto the end of your knitting needle to protect your stitches from slipping when you put down your knitting, try on your garment, or pull your project in and out of your bag. When you're ready to knit again, twist the cork stopper to remove.

Why Cork? Cork is a completely renewable material, harvested without ever cutting down a tree. It comes from the bark of the cork oak, which naturally regenerates after harvesting. In fact, a cork tree in the process of regrowing its bark will absorb five times more CO2 than a non-harvested tree!

Please note that cork is a natural product so variations in visual appearance are normal.