The Birlinn Yarn Company - 4 ply yarn
The Birlinn Yarn Company - 4 ply yarn
The Birlinn Yarn Company - 4 ply yarn
The Birlinn Yarn Company

The Birlinn Yarn Company - 4 ply yarn

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 The Yarn

The Birlinn Yarn Company was started by Meg Rodger from Sunhill, the family run small-holding croft on the Isle of Berneray, in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland.   There, Meg and her family rear pedigree Hebridean sheep, following a sustainable whole-sheep-plan designed to ensure the best in animal husbandry and consideration of the beautiful island ecology.  They produce a range of knitting yarn from their own fleeces and those bought from neighbouring crofters.

The yarns of The Birlinn Yarn Company truly are yarns with a unique story.  The name birlinn comes from the long boats which were brought by the Vikings (along with their northern sheep) to the Hebrides around 800 A.D.   The birlinn was adopted by the Hebrideans, and over time, the primitive and hardy Norse sheep evolved, travelled a bit and inter-bred, resulting in the Hebridean sheep that The Birlinn Yarn Company rear at Sunhill today. 

While no longer carried back and forth by birlinn, their sheep are still very much seafaring sheep.  They lamb on the croft in the spring and are then transported by boat to summer grazing on islands in the Sound of Harris.   The sheep are shorn on the islands in the summer, with the wool sorted and graded back on the croft. In the autumn, the ewes are brought back for tupping, after which they spend most of the winter grazing. 

Farm to Cable Yarns carries The Birlinn Yarn Company’s beautiful 4-ply yarn in two of the natural colours – storm grey and the marled “speckled hen”.  The yarn, a blend of Hebredian and Cheviot, is perfect for garments or accessories that are both warm and durable.  


Yarn Details

Fibre: 100 % wool (Hebredian & Cheviot wool blend/marl)

Amount: 100 g skein

Yardage:  100 g = approximately 350 m (380 yds)

Rec. needle size: 3.5 mm

Care: Hand wash