About Farm to Cable Yarns

The Shop

Farm to Cable Yarns is an online natural yarn shop based in Ontario, Canada.  The shop carries a selection of natural yarns made by small producers and independent dyers from the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe.  

Farm to Cable Yarns is proud to support farmers and other makers who are committed to eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable practices.   Our aim is to connect these makers to knitters and other crafters who appreciate the commitment, time and effort that goes into making these yarns.  Each yarn has a unique story, from the breeding and caring of the flocks, to the cleaning, sorting and spinning of the fleeces, through to dyeing the yarns in colour palettes that are influenced by their provenance.  (Of course some yarns remain in their glorious natural colours!)   If we may borrow a phrase from Jule, one of our indie dyers, Farm to Cable Yarns champions Slow Yarn.

We love all the yarns we currently stock - at the moment from the UK, Finland, Germany and Romania - but are always exploring yarns from other small producers who share our ethos and values.    Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have a yarn you are passionate about.

About Me

My mother first taught me to knit many years ago, but I have to be honest that it did not take hold immediately.  I picked my needles back up in a serious way only 5 or 6 years ago, after leaving a career that had left little time for creative pursuits or making, and since then have been hooked!   The wide selection of yarn available was eye opening and my stash quickly grew (my shoe obsession apparently having been transferred to wool!).  But as I became more engaged with the knitting and fibre communities I wanted to become more mindful in my making and discover more about the people and animals behind these yarns.   

I also started attending fibre festivals - at home and away - and meeting the farmers and dyers.  Their passion was infectious and I wanted to share their yarns and stories with others.    It  has been inspiring to meet makers who care deeply about the impact of their making and who are inspired by, but also respectful of, their surroundings - who are creating yarns with a sense of place.    

I hope you are as interested in these stories as I am!