Uist Wool

Uist Wool is located in the village of Scotvein on the southern shoreline of Grimsay with views across the water to Benbecula and South Uist.

Uist Wool offers an inspiring example of the commitment to sourcing local wool to produce sustainable yarns which are unique and full of character.   One of the main motivations for establishing Uist Wool was to create a use for local wool and to give crofters a better price for their fleece. The majority of wool clip in Britain is sent to the mainland via the long-established scheme run by the British Wool Marketing Board. As Uist Wool is classed as an artisan Mill, they can purchase wool directly from the crofter or wool grower.

The main sheep breeds in the area are Cheviot, Texel, Blackface, Suffolk, Hebridean plus smaller flocks of Lleyn, Zwartbles and Shetland. All native wool is full of character and liveliness that Uist Wool aims to retain in their finished yarns.   They have developed a method of grading fleece that allows them to separate softer fibre for knitting and crisper wool for weaving. This allows Uist Wool to design yarn that uses the full potential of the fleece and showcase the individual characteristics of the sheep breed.

 If you would like to read more about Uist Wool, and the wonderful group of people behind their amazing yarns, please visit their web site.  There is also a great article about Uist Wool in Laine Magazine Issue 3!

Farm to Cable Yarns is very excited to carry several of Uist Wool’s DK and Aran weight yarns.