Moeke Yarns

Moeke Yarns - The Story

Moeke Yarns was founded by Ioana van Deurzan and her brother Radu in 2014.    Ioana currently lives in the Netherlands and during a visit back home to Romania, she witnessed an all too familiar story -  Romania has a number of traditional sheep breeds and a long tradition in wool processing, but the economics were such that farmers could not sell their wool and instead were often burning it.    Ioana saw a possibility of reviving the wool processing industry there and she and her brother decided that they would make yarns from Romanian wool, produced with traditional methods and no harmful chemicals.   

Moeke is the ancient Dutch word for old woman or grandmother and Ioana has been inspired by the memory of yarn hand-spun by her grandmother.  Moeke Yarns aims to preserve the Romanian wool and yarn heritage by keeping the entire production process local.   The yarns are 100% wool and are sourced and spun in Romania.   

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