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Lanivendole Yarns

Lanivendole (which means women who sell yarn, in Italian) is small yarn company from Genoa, Italy whose aim is to create unique yarns containing noble local fibres.

Stefania and Giulia are the women behind Lanivendole and their yarns are 100% traceable.  Their process begins with fibre gathering that they do directly from local breeders, it proceeds to two experienced local mills where their blends are composed and spun into yarns, and it ends in their studio where they hand dye all of the skeins in small batches.

Quantities of each yarn type are quite limited, because they depend on the yearly yield of fibres from the herds as well as each mills’ production capability. It is very important for them to have control at each stage and aim to very high quality standards, working closely with the skilled mill keepers to get the best out of each blend of fibres,  

The origin of Lanivendole can be traced back to Stefania and Giulia’s past years of teaching handspinning and textile arts, a fulfilling activity that allowed them to travel around Italy getting to know the local herders, who wished to recover local wool breeds and set up fibres farms.