Hey Mama Wolf Yarns

The Story

Hey Mama Wolf Yarns was born out of Jule Kebelmann’s desire to produce a yarn that was local, sustainable and organic.   The wool she uses for her yarns is sourced from various small sheep farms across Germany, preferably from monitored organic livestock farming. It is washed in a fibre-friendly, environmentally safe way using only soap and is then spun in the Czech Republic.

Jule – who has a background in textile design - hand dyes the yarns with dye plants and plant dye extracts, predominantly sourced in the region of Berlin/Brandenburg.   She uses foraged plants, kitchen leftovers, organic plant matter and GOTS certified plant dye extracts, to achieve her beautiful colourways which, while varied,  complement one another beautifully.   Jule finds new methods for reducing the level of energy consumption during her dying processes and does not use any poisonous additives which might otherwise be used when dyeing with plants. She describes her yarn as slow yarn.

Hey Mama Wolf is a song by one of Jule's favourite artists Devendra Benhart and the variegated and speckled colourways of Hey Mama Wolf  all have the names of some of her favourite songs.

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