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Daughter of a Shepherd

Rachel Atkinson’s journey as Daughter of a Shepherd began with the 2015 clip of the Hebridean sheep who graze Escrick Park Estate, shepherded by Rachel’s father, John.  Rachel has written and talked about the situation faced by many British sheep farmers that inspired her to develop her yarns.  It is a story we have heard about far too often: farmers making a pittance for their fleeces- in many cases losing money - and burying or burning their fleeces!  In 2015, Rachel and her father decided to have the clip from her father’s flock spun into yarn – and so her yarn adventure began and we are all better off for it.  

With a firm commitment to using only 100% British wool from shepherds and producers within the United Kingdom, Daughter of a Shepherd aims to support all aspects of British manufacturing in their processing and production.  As Rachel writes in her book, we are often guilty of forgetting where our wool comes from and the stories of the animals who bring this wonderful wool into our lives – Rachel and others are working hard to ensure we do not forget.

Farm to Cable Yarns is honored to carry Ram Jam, a worsted weight yarn made from mixed breeds, and Brume DK, a gorgeous mix of Hebredian,  Zwartbles and Exmoor Blueface.