Knitting Outside The Box - Bristol Ivy - Farm to Cable Yarns
Knitting Outside The Box - Bristol Ivy - Farm to Cable Yarns
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Knitting Outside The Box - Bristol Ivy

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Grab your knitting needles and take a peek into the mind of one of the knitting world's most innovative designers - Bristol Ivy. 

I have been looking forward to the launch of this book from Bristol since first hearing her talk about it with Felicia Lo of SweetGeorgia Yarns.   As Bristol has described it, Knitting Outside the Box is an extension of the workshop of the same name that she has been teaching and developing for four years and offers knitters different options for exploring their own creativity.

Knitting Outside the Box exceeds the standard of the traditional pattern book and in it, Bristol offers the reader insights into the design process and guides the knitter through the techniques she uses as a designer to explore and push the endless possibilities of knitting.

The book includes a comprehensive stitch dictionary which provides technical information on how to shape and manipulate fabric, and concludes by bringing all the methods together to help the reader evolve an idea (or dream!) into the reality of a finished pattern.

Knitting Outside the Box features 15 garment and accessory patterns using yarns from a variety of yarn producers.    I was fortunate enough to see the sample designs at Yarndale this year and they are all stunning!

There is also a KAL going on in the Pom Pom Ravelry group - which is going on for a year so there really is no excuse not to get involved ! - so why not order your copy, cast on and join in!

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200 pages


Printed in the U.K.

Weight approx 875g