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Knitography Selbu Mitten Blockers

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Selbu Mitten Blockers - handmade mitten blockers from the Knitography Farm Shop in Norway, are used by hand knitters to allow their knitted Selbuvotter or similar shaped mittens to dry and to block

They are sold as 2 pieces (1 pair of mitten blockers).

Selbuvotter Mitten Blockers are handmade on Patricia’s farm from 4 mm Norwegian Birch from the Trøndelag area of Norway. They are hand polished and sealed with 100% pure Norwegian bee’s wax so that they slide smoothly into your hand knitted pieces.

Included with each set of Selbuvotter mitten blockers is a small tin of Patricia's Organic Bee Butter, so that you may maintain and condition the mitten blockers over time.


width: 7.5 cm
length: 30 cm

width: 10 cm
length: 30 cm

Recommended Care: As the Mitten Blockers are handmade of wood, with time and use some areas may develop roughness.  This can be corrected with a very light sanding using very fine sandpaper and applying bee's wax when needed.  Clean with a non-abrasive cloth.